We are 66% of the way there…

Help! We are just a little more than halfway to this year’s Annual Drive goal of $18,000.
Contributions made to the Annual Drive are put to immediate use. Checks, cash, and PayPal donations are transformed into books, DVDs, digital content, programs, and opened hours.  Last year’s Annual Drive became 400 programs, 2,000 times our computers were used, five books per capita borrowed, and digital access 24/7 to music, movies, magazines, and books! How much do you value these services and programs? Please give accordingly, if you have not already. If you have given, Thank you! Building a library is a labor of love and you are showing your love!

Libraries are all about stories. This past year your generosity has enabled a lot of new stories to develop at the library. Some are about friendship, others about creating hope, and even more are about learning.  All share two things in common. They made Bethany an even more vibrant community.  And,  they all happened because of individual and business donations to our Annual Drive.

Donations to our Annual Drive are crucial to our existence because we are a private nonprofit providing a public service. We are grateful to the Town for our annual grant and to the Friends of the Bethany Library for their gifts.

These combined with individual donations will help create new stories as we expand to 40 hours of direct library service a week. Most importantly, these contributions mean for the first time in our history we now have a full-time children’s librarian!

By giving to the library’s Annual Drive you become part of the library’s story, and the library becomes part of your story.