argus-learning-its-not-homework-poster-n15428_xlSometimes we all need a little help.

Sometimes we all want to know more.

All the time, the library can help with both.


Listed below are suggested websites with descriptions and links to help with homework. Most services offered by these websites are free.

The library will test links periodically to make sure that they are still “live”. If you come across a website that is no longer working, please contact the library.



Before you go anywhere though, make a plan to get your homework done. Answering these questions will help.:



When is a good time for me to do my homework?

Where is a quiet place for me to do my homework?

When I need help with homework, what I can do?

What do I need to get my homework home?

How do I remember what I am suppose to do for homework?

Do I have all the supplies and things I need to do my homework?



MathSymbolsAndPencilHomework Help:

Elementary years:

AAA Math: Offers lessons as well as practice. Provides immediate feedback so bad habits are not reinforced.

Harcourt Math Glossary: Gives definitions and examples of math concepts. For grades 1-8.

Math Master the Basics: Master the basics of mathematics of numbers and number operations. Uses videos and tutorials to explain basic operations. Flash required.

SuperKids: Create your own practice and worksheets.

Math Playground: Offers free computer math games to reinforce concepts. Also suggests and links to great math apps.

thCAQ9FX19Middle and High School:

Khan Academy: Make use of our extensive library of content, including interactive challenges, assessments, and videos from any computer with access to the web. Work at your pace from basic addition through calculus. Even study for the MCATs!

OpenStudy: Uses social media to connect students to each other to solve and explain math problems and concepts.

Hippocampus: An open source site using multimedia to deliver lessons. Requires Flash player.