After Saturday June 26 patrons will notice a difference when requesting interlibrary loans.  This is because the statewide catalog known as Request will no longer be available.  The Interlibrary Loan page will still be available on iConn and we will still work with other libraries to get patron requests filled.  Remember as a member of the Libraries Online/LION Consortium we already have direct access to over 30 libraries for all sorts of library items.  Begin searching for a desired item on our  catalog and then the LION catalog.
Why is this happening and how long will it last?  Due to a reduction in funding of nearly $100,000 in this fiscal year and in each of the next two fiscal years, the State Librarian decided to discontinue the current statewide catalog and interlibrary loan service (reQuest) on July 1, 2015. The State Library’s Division of Library Development is working with Bibliomation, a regional library network in Connecticut, to implement a new system by the Fall of 2015.
So while we wait for the new catalog to come online, patrons will be directed to one of the below directories to search for an item that is not available through LION.  Here’s a listing of those directories.  They will be hyperlinked on the iConn Interlibrary Loan page after July 1, 2015. We will provide an online form for patrons to submit interlibrary loan requests.  This form will be on our catalog page of the website.  And, of course, patrons are welcome to visit or call the library to submit requests.  Our number is 203 393-2103.

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