The Bethany Library Association is recruiting new members to join us as we grow a thoughtful learning and knowledge center for Bethany.  Our library’s mission is to Engage. Connect. Grow. It is the purpose of the Bethany Library Association to strategically govern the library in manner which will serve the community as a whole.   
The Bethany Library Association was founded in 1930 as a non-profit organization made up of Bethany townspeople for the purpose of acquiring and circulating books and other holdings as a service to Bethany residents. As a private nonprofit the Association operates and maintains the Clark Memorial Library  as the public library for the Bethany.  The Association receives annual grants from the town of Bethany and the state of Connecticut while also raising its own operational income from donations through an annual drive and other development initiatives.
Noyes Clark donated the Clark Memorial Library in 1936. In 1995, a major addition was built that more than tripled the size of the original building. The building project was made possible by the donations of hundreds of Bethany’s generous citizens, businesses, and organizations. In its objective to provide Bethany residents with information, educational, and recreational literary materials, the library strives to provide relevant technology and programming to encourage life long learning.
Members of the Bethany Library Association share the responsibilities of:
  • Planning for the future of the Library, setting long-term strategic direction and goals.
  • Approving and monitoring the Library’s annual budget, and ongoing fiscal health.
  • Conducting the annual fundraising drive to support the library.
  • Acting as an advocate for the Library and a liaison to the public, organizations, and public officials.
  • Overseeing the maintenance of land and buildings for library purposes.
  • Studying the needs and interests of the community and ensuring they are addressed when considering library services and policies.
The Bethany Library Association does have renewable term limits of two year terms, renewable up to three consecutive times.  Our monthly meeting is held every fourth Tuesday at 7:30 pm.  All members serve on two of our three standing committees, as well.  Members may choose from Governance, Development, and Building and Grounds.  These committees do have meetings as well.  Additionally all members are expected to attend major library events and to donate to our annual drive.
The most important qualification to serve on the Bethany Library Association is to have a passion for the power of the public library to transform lives and communities.