We will close at 6 p.m. on Tues, Oct 17 in order to celebrate the

retirement of Bethany Library Association board members and

kickoff our Annual Drive 2017.  



 Clark Memorial Library

538 Amity Road

Bethany, CT 06524


 Greetings from Clark!

In 1930, Treat Johnson and his wife hosted a group of friends for dinner. Somewhere between appetizers and dessert this gathering decided to establish a public library to enhance the quality of life for the Town of Bethany.Thus, the Bethany Library Association was born over treats!

 Since that time the Bethany Library Association, a volunteer governed and registered 501c3 nonprofit , has worked to ensure that town residents receive the full benefits of a public library.  While the town has generously provided an annual grant to the library since 1931, it is the abundant charity of individuals, town organizations, and local businesses which has enabled us to Engage, Connect, and Grow with the entire Bethany Community.

We strive to be a treat and remember Treat with our services.  Here is a sampling:

Appy Hour!  The crew at Staples could not fix this patron’s computer, but the Tech Tutors at Clark got it up and running. 

Build a Better World!  Families spent an average of six hours together upcycling everyday items to build model houses and yards.  Then, the children wrote stories about their homes.  Stories and photos were published into a keepsake book for each family.

Reading!  To prevent summer slide, his tutor enlisted the help of library staff to find interesting and challenging books for her student.  He devoured them and surpassed his summer goal.

Donations to our Annual Drive are crucial to our existence because we are a private nonprofit providing life long learning experiences for the entire community.  Your contribution is directly applied to our operations.  We are grateful to the Town for our annual grant and to the Friends of the Bethany Library for their gifts. 

Please be like Treat and treat the library.  Thank you!










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